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The Nampa Tasting Room Is Opening Back Up This Weekend. Here's Everything You Need To Know.

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

THE LONG WAIT FOR MOTHER EARTH FANS IN THE TREASURE VALLEY IS FINALLY OVER. This Saturday and Sunday, we will have the grand re-opening of our tasting room, now located in a newly built out section of the brewery. So what is new, exactly, and what have we been up to under-cover for the last 8 months? What's it going to be like when you get here, and what beers are going to be on tap? This is your definitive guide to having a good time in Nampa this weekend.


The new tasting room is definitely a change for the better. We took a previously unused space that had a ton of potential and, with a little imagination, turned it into a space thats more aesthetic, functional, comfortable, and spacious. Indoor and outdoor seating are available, and eventually outdoor activities will be made available as well. Access has been, and continues to be, a bit tricky. Enter the same way you used to, off Madison, but this time drive around the back of the building adjacent to the loading ramp. Signs will guide you and parking will be available and ample. We made this handy map for you to use as a reference. Feel free to print if you need to.

Here is a closer snapshot of the industrial park and the entrance to the tasting room.


We are still in the midst of a pandemic, and despite the fact that we have to put food on the table for ourselves and all our employees, we are going to open...SAFELY. That means you can expect a few things when you get here:

  • Mask Required - You will be required to wear a face covering when entering the building. Obviously once you are seated and drinking you may remove it, but when you move about, especially using the restroom or accessing unsecured portions of the brewery, have it on please.

  • Social Distancing - You know the drill. We discourage groups of 5 or more, and will be enforcing 6 ft. gaps between parties. Please don't make us be the bad guys. be vigilant and watch your distance. We do NOT want to have to close again.

  • Reduced Occupancy - We will be regulating crowds to allow for social distancing. You may be asked to wait for a short period of time to enter.


Ok this is the fun part. We have a great lineup for y'all. In addition to our fantastic selection of year-round beers, we have several new releases on draft and in cans such as Sectioned HIPA (Project X Series), Wet Hop Dreams Fresh Hop (Mosaic) IPA, 4Seasons Autumn '20, and more.

(Due to limited tap space, some beers may not be tapped until others are gone even though they appear on the menu.)

We are so excited to share this launch with you and we hope you have a fantastic time. If you need more info feel free to email or chat with us.

Lastly, wed like to ask a favor of you. We have been closed for 8 months. We have been working tirelessly to keep our business running and to support our essential workers and their families. We have personally rebuilt this tasting room with sweat. We may experience issues. They may be technical issues like internet or Point of Sale systems. They may be mechanical issues such as beer not pouring. Or, they could be operational issues like crowd control or social distance enforcing, which isn't pleasant for anyone. Whatever it is, please be patient. Taking to yelp or google to blast us in the event we fail you doesn't help us improve.

Thanks so much for understanding and we look forward to seeing your beautiful faces again soon!

-The Mother Earth Family


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