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We've Come Up With New AND Nostalgic Ways to Get Our Beer. Spoiler Alert...You Don't Have To Move.

Remember that semi-popular, cancelled-after-three-seasons, Netflix dramedy called 'A Series of Unfortunate Events'? It's starting to feel like that over here, minus the Harry Potter likeness. Does it sound like we are sitting over here feeling sorry for ourselves? Sure. Are we? Not even a little bit. If businesses like ours are going to weather this storm, it's incumbent upon us to create new ways to make our beer available, and since necessity is the 'Mother of Invention', circumstances have forced many brewers like us to challenge traditional conventions and sell our products wherever we can. Sometimes its using modern technology, other times its dusting off an old pair of sneakers. Last week, we did both.

It's been years since our Thibodo location, the site of our original brewery and tasting room back in 2010, saw a smiling customer; mainly due to the fact that despite our best efforts to keep it alive, it was never the same after we opened the Main St. Tap house.

Psychedelic concert posters and military flags adorned the space
The site of the old brewery tasting room, circa 2016

There just wasn't the same demand for a rugged, funky industrial tasting room that is inconveniently located, and minimally decorated. Who'd have thought? Im kidding. The building that had been an integral part of our growth was relegated to being purely production cranking out beer at a staggering rate relative to its capacity. Droves of broken-hearted Vistonians had to make the arduous mile-long trek to Historic Downtown Vista to whet their lips and fill their growlers. Fast forward to earlier this month when we announced the closure of our beloved Main St. Tap House due to issues with the lease and here we are...back where it all started.

Having been closed for a period of a few years, our original Thibodo Brewery has been temporarily repurposed to serve as a to-go outlet for packaged beer and merch, while also fulfilling beer shipments all over the country.

Our new retail space with beer to-go and merch

There aren't any draft options (never say never) but we have a fantastic array of cans and bottles, from our year-round staples like Cali Creamin' Vanilla Cream Ale and Boo Koo IPA to rare finds like vintage 4Seasons barrel-aged offerings dating back to 2015.

Four vintage bottles from our 4Seasons program

As the Covid lockdown lingers on, businesses like ours are being forced to adapt and come up with new ways to keep the lights on, and sometimes that means inconvenient or unorthodox ways of making our beer available.

On top of walk-in sales, we have launched a new online store where you can place an order and pre-pay online.

Prior to Covid, direct-to-consumer beer shipping was a blackmarket of sorts. It wasn't technically lawful, but due more to a grey area in the law dating back to prohibition than a deliberate plot by the powers that be. As with many of the laws that have been relaxed in the last month or two, carriers and enforcement agencies have turned a blind-eye as brewers continue to send their beers into the sky, and land them at the feet of millions that would normally be unable to access them.

Cali Creamin'
Prepping a shipment to New York

So how do YOU take advantage of all our hard work and relaxed alcohol laws? Two easy steps:

1) Order online at

2) Have it shipped or choose local pick-up or get it delivered same-day in (delivery only in North County SD only)

These are unprecedented times, and drastic times call for drastic measures. Its strange being back in the humble place where it all began, but it's the best we can do right now. Want to experience part of San Diego beer history? Come by and check out the place where it all began, and take home some award-winning beer while you are here.

Pick-up store hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 9am-6pm.

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