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We Are Celebrating National IPA Day With Kismet IPA and It's The. Best. One. Eveeerrrr.

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

God Bless America! When you have a day that's dedicated not just to beer (because there are many of those) but to specific styles of beer, you are officially a country for the people, by the people. Fittingly, to coincide with one of our greatest holidays, we are releasing one of our greatest brews, Kismet IPA. New to this year’s release is a retooled recipe that’s more in line with our recent brand of IPAs that tend to be fruit and citrus-driven. Fans of our Project X HIPAs will find familiarity in the changes.

“We are really pleased with the way this vintage of Nelson and Idaho 7 came out from the farm. The aroma on this batch is loaded with citrus as opposed to some of the grassy qualities the varietal has produced in the past. This is a fantastic version to end the series on. We are really getting to experience all the best qualities of two choice hops on full display.”

Chris Baker - Director of Brewing Operations

The release not only marks the end of an era for one of our most beloved IPAs, but the program it belongs to: Rotational IPAs known as the ‘Resinator Series’. Among other brands within the series getting the axe are ‘Say When’, and ‘Power of Love’. The silver lining is that fan-favorite Hop Diggity DIPA, easily the most popular in the series and the one with the most history, survived the cut and will get rolled into our year-round lineup in 2021. The increasing popularity of our Hazy IPA series ‘Project X’ is the primary driver for the decision.

“It’s always tough to discontinue beers, but at the end of the day you have to look at what your customers are buying. Project X is doing really well and there is only so much space in our beer program. Supporting a half-dozen year-round IPAs isn’t sustainable in this market.”

Kamron Khannakhjavani - Director of Marketing

But there is more good news. We are doubling the release window of Kismet, in light of its farewell tour, through the end of the year rather than just quarterly as in years past. You definitely want to find it early to ensure availability, although we plan to brew it consistently through the year to ensure freshness.

Distribution of Kismet IPA begins this week in 12oz, 6-pack cans. Our beer finder will be updated over the coming weeks. For more info visit


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We are running out of room space bar clicker in our beer program due to the success of Project X. In this market, it's not feasible to support six year-round IPAs.

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