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Summer Vibes: Four Seasons Summer and Project X Double Can Release

Good things come in pairs, as they say. We're helping hop heads beat the summer heat with a pair of back-to-back releases this month, in a rare confluence of programming that begins with a clean Imperial IPA collaboration, followed immediately by a Hazy IPA as part of our rotating Project X Series. The former also belonging to a series – Four Seasons.

The collab hits shelves first, featuring tropical vibes from experimental hops. Brewed with Bale Breaker Brewing Company, the hop growing vets-turned-craft brewers joined our Nampa team to brew an 8.5%, clean DIPA, that is sneaky-balanced but still explodes with the kind of hop influence you’d expect from heavy-hitters like Galaxy, Citra, and HBC 586 – an experimental hop known for a medley of fruit flavors and peppery finish.

Following Four Seasons by exactly one week, New Horizons follows the familiar Mother Earth formula of hoppy, yet approachable NEIPAs, while also boasting hops royalty such as Mosaic & Strata. Without the use of Lactose, as can be typical for NEIPAs, New Horizons comes through full bodied, with a tangy, wheatiness that sets up citrus and floral hop characteristics.

“New Horizons and Four Seasons [Summer] are such different beers. While New Horizons leans on a pillowy body and a soft, drinkable impression, the collab DIPA is much more intense, with an additional 45 IBUs to go along with a more robust hop profile that’s led by notes of sweet fruit and grapefruit pith. It’s fun to have them out at the same time to give folks a choice on what kind of experience they want to have.”

-Chris Baker – Director of Brewing Operations, Mother Earth Brew Co.

New Horizons and Four Seasons-Summer will roll out through June and July in 16oz cans and on draft at independent craft beer retailers or at our Idaho tasting rooms. Search our beer finder to locate Four Seasons and New Horizons near you.

Make sure to follow Bale Breaker on social channels.

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