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Boo Koo and Heavy Cloud Take Home Gold at NABA

Results for the winners of one of the country's largest beer competitions came in earlier this month, with not one, but two of our year-round brews in Boo Koo and Heavy Cloud. Both beers have proven that they belong in the highly competitive shelf space that occupies retailer shelves and flows through draft lines all over the country, but further validation is certainly not a bad thing, especially when it comes in the form of a 1st place award.

Boo Koo's accolades come just one month after taking home a Silver Medal at the prestigious World Beer Cup in Nashville, Tennessee, and Heavy Cloud's first official recognition since its inception just two short years ago.

Accomplishments like these are no easy feat. First of all it's statistically unlikely to win, with thousands of entries and over a hundred styles, but to make matters even more difficult, typically a beer has to make it through multiple rounds of judging. In an industry with stiff competition, winning is certainly no-gimme. Hat's off to our production team for their continued hard work and dedication to consistent, quality craft beer.

Find Boo Koo IPA and Heavy Cloud HIPA near you using our Beer Finder.

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