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In the True Spirit of Holiday Excess, 4Seasons Winter is Nothing Short of Pure Indulgence...On NITRO

YOU KNOW THAT FEELING OF BEING FIRESIDE IN A FOREVER LAZY, with a hot cup of cocoa? Ever wish you could take that moment and just bottle it up? Well that's exactly what we did with this year's vintage of 4Seasons Winter, except in the true spirit of Holiday excess, we nitrogenated it and put it in a can. If you were waiting for a reason to seek out one of our quarterly 4Seasons Barrel-Aged series (it can be hard to find), this would be a good time to get on board.

A Barrel-aged NITRO Imperial Mocha Stout. Woah. Our blending masters created a full-bodied, rich, winter warmer by combining a sundry of imperial stouts and added Brazilian coffee beans and cocoa nibs lending a wonderful roasted aroma and flavor without being astringent. Lactose further adds to the beer’s body and provides a silky smooth mouthfeel mid-palate while medium crystal and pale chocolate malts add light caramel and toffee notes.

Like it's year-round sister can, NITRO Cali Creamin', 4Seasons requires special instructions for serving that involves more than just popping the top and enjoying. Inverting the can to suspend the nitrogen prior to pouring is an essential part of the experience. Check out this brief video tease and then head over to our dedicated NITRO page to watch the full version. We'll explain how it works, and the best way to pour.

Want to find 4Seasons Winter '20 Near You? Use our Beer Finder to search by zip. As a reminder there could be a short delay in the results. Check back frequently as it is updated weekly. Happy Holidays!


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