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Direct-to-Consumer Shipping is Back! Well...Sort Of.

MEET BOB. BOB MOVED FROM SAN DIEGO TO TAMPA, FL 5 YEARS AGO. Ever since then, Bob has had a hell of a time getting his favorite Mother Earth brews. For years, Bob just had to deal with the fact that we couldn't ship him his favorite beer - Cali Creamin'. In April we started shipping direct during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Bob was elated. He ordered twice per month for 3 months straight, until we cut him off.

You may or may not have read a previous entry on our blog about discontinuing shipping direct due to a crackdown by several regulatory agencies. We aren't going to go into that again, but what we can tell you is that since then we've partnered with a well known e-commerce company that ships direct, and they now feature almost all of our products. is the premier online craft beer service that makes your favorite craft beers available, and they ship straight to your doorstep. The partnership is a big win for fans of the brewery that look for the convenience and accessibility of their favorite beers.

Bob is stoked.

“After careful consideration we reached out to CraftShack because they already carried a limited selection of our products and had a reputation for quality and consistency. This allows us to leverage their platform, while still having ownership over our brand and a way to make our beers available to those searching in outer markets. It also ensures that we are supporting the existing three-tier system by utilizing our independent retailers and wholesalers as opposed to bypassing them by selling direct. I think that’s an important piece, especially during Covid.”

Kamron Khannakhjavani - Partner/Director of Marketing, Mother Earth

We'll be collaborating for future releases and expand our lineup as part of a ‘Collections' page set up by CraftShack, which consolidates all of our products in one place for a seamless customer experience. Check it out here. *

*Mother Earth does not determine pricing on and is an unaffiliated company.

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The era of manually monitoring each communication channel to keep informed with clients has come to an end. tunnel rush

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