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Beer Release: Cognitive Aerobics HIPA is a Stair-master for Your Olfactory Cortex.

OUR NEWEST RELEASE MARKS the halfway point of OUR rotating Hazy IPA series for 2021 and this time comes in the form of a dazzling new label featuring the acrylic work of San Diego-based abstract artist, Michael Carini.

Decorated with wispy brushstrokes and a color palate straight out of an 80s aerobics VHS, the label is a brief introduction to the mind-blowing liquid underneath. After some Q&A with the artist, we learned more about his method and the creative process:

Q: What inspires your work and how did the label for Cognitive Aerobics come to be?

A: As a neurodivergent artist, I love the concept of “Cognitive Aerobics” because I feel like I’m constantly conditioning myself with them. At their core, the underlying thematic elements of my massive painting “Foreverandever” are deeply rooted in this idea. We often hear people talk about forever, but what does forever really mean? When people say it, do they really mean it? Do they mean forever, or do they mean forever and ever? Forever, in essence, is not linear, but cyclical. As such, we must constantly train and condition our minds if we desire to continue growing and evolving, and that’s going to require massive amounts of “Cognitive Aerobics” not just to do, but even to wrap our heads around. Even the thought of it is making me thirsty right now. Though life is infinitely complex at times, it’s important to step back and remember the simple beauties and the simple times…like a sunset through the eyes of a child…or a refreshing beverage after a difficult day during a pandemic. This is “Foreverandever” and this is “Cognitive Aerobics.”

Q: What medium are you typically working with? Can you explain a little bit about the artistic process?

A: My primary medium is acrylic and I refer to my process as “Acrylic Alchemy,” which is based on the principle of equivalent exchange. Essentially, you utilize your greatest pains and struggles as your sacrifice and a source of fuel to create something positive and beautiful for the world. In doing so, you take away their power over you, setting yourself free and opening a door for those around you to do the same.

Q: Have you ever worked on other projects similar to this one?

A: Nothing quite like this. I was really excited about the opportunity because this is something I have wanted to dive into for a long time now. I’m grateful to Mother Earth for opening a door of opportunity to share something so personal, something that has given me a voice to connect and help others find their voice as I continue to search for my own.


Put plainly, it’ll give your cerebral cortex a proper workout. Coming in at 7.2% ABV and 28 IBUs, Cognitive Aerobics is loaded with aromas and flavors of tropical fruit, navel orange, lemon peel, and melon.

Director of Brewing Ops, Chris Baker explains the formulation and brewing process:

"With a 50/50 mix of New Zealand and PNW hops, we were able to capture some of the fruitier and juicier qualities and integrate them with some of the well-known attributes of old school IPA hops, which tend to produce more citrus and dankness in the beer. The combination leads to a really even palate from front to back without any use of lactose to achieve body and palate fullness.”

Cognitive Aerobics is available in 16oz cans and on draft where independent craft beers are sold or at the Mother Earth tasting room in Nampa, ID. Can't make it to our tap room? Visit our beer finder.


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