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Beer Release: We 'Quit Stalin' and Brought You Our Legendary RIS for 4Seasons Summer '21.

WE ARE WELCOMING SUMMER by releasing a Mother Earth cult classic into a 16 oz can under our 4Seasons Barrel-aged program. ‘Quit Stalin’, as it’s cleverly called, is a Russian Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels that was formerly a draft-exclusive but is now making its way into package.

"Quit Stalin has been a customer favorite for a long time and we routinely get requests to make it more widely available in a can. Since our 4Seasons program is essentially built and fed off of Quit Stalin as a base (amongst other blending beers) it’s a natural marriage. This will give us the opportunity to see how well it stands on its own.”

– Kamron Khannakhjavani – Director of Marketing, Mother Earth Brew Co.

Consistent with our “uber-premium” line of products, 4Seasons Summer arrives as a luscious NITRO variant; just the second in the 4S line to hold that distinction. Its NITRO creaminess further enhances a full body and the addition of brown sugar adds caramel sweetness to round out the roasted barley and coffee malt.

Summer ‘21 is available in 16oz cans and very limited draft at our Nampa tap room and wherever independent craft beers are sold. Can't get it at our place? Try searching using our Beer Finder.

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