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Treefort Music Fest is Postponed, But The (House) Show Must Go On.

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

WHEN COVID 19 BEGAN TO SPREAD and public gatherings cancellations and closures were imminent, Treefort Music Fest was among many events on the chopping block, much the dismay of it's ticket-holders and organizers.

First some back-story here. Mother Earth's involvement in Treefort began in 2019, when the event organizers were looking for a new brewery partner to produce the official beer of the festival. It was clearly an opportunity the brewery couldn't turn down, and Timber Giant Pale Ale was born; A sessionable, concert-friendly, hop-bomb that received overwhelming praise from consumers and critics alike.

After the success of Mother Earth's inaugural release, Treefort's event organizers reached out and invited the brewery to participate once again for 2020, but with an add-on. Alefort, one of the festivals' various themed "forts" (modeled after a beerfest for all intents and purposes), is known for turning beer serving into full blown interactive demonstrations, such as the "nail pull", where oak casks are trucked in and tapped on site and served from 'wood to glass'. Then there is the live packaging of Fresh AF, where a special hop-centric small-batch beer is canned on site for fest-goers to spectate.

Insert... House Show. Once Covid-19 compromised the future of the festival for 2020, the organizers decided to re-brand Fresh AF to fit in with our new way of life and speak more to the current state of affairs that we are all dealing with as a society.

Think of House Show as the "Netflix & Chill" of craft beer.

And chill you shall. House Show is a ridiculously smooth unfiltered IPA coming in at just 25 IBUs, and brewed with a dash of Lactose in the vein of a NE-style hazy. Though paying respects to its Hazy cohorts in its smoothness and lower bitterness, the beer drinks much differently, finishing clean rather than murky. House Show showcases the fruity hop characteristics of El Dorado, Mosaic, Amarillo, and Cashmere.

Distribution is limited to Southern Idaho and Southern California, with Socal only getting enough to be sold directly by the Brewery in Vista. Hop-heads in Idaho can find the beer at off-premise retailers that remain open for to-go sales. Search near you on the Find Beer page. Native to Socal? Pick it up at the brewery in Vista beginning 4/21, Tuesday-Saturday from 9-6pm.

All others...order here and we'll ship it to you!

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