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Project X Artist Spotlight: Gabo Zeta

A week ago we announced the latest release in our Project X Series: Hop Monster HIPA. Its West-coasty, tropical vibes stand out from other beers in the category thanks to a stand-out aroma and a slightly more bitter finish than New England derivatives. The label art shares similar distinctive qualities. The illustrator responsible for this distinction is Ecuadorean-based artist, Gabo Zeta. Gabo's self-described "low-brow" style isn't just a regular fixture of his's the cornerstone. So who is the man behind the "Monster"? Check out this brief interview below.


Q: Where are you from and where do you currently live?

A: I am from Ecuador South America, but I always like to think I am based worldwide. In this era my work travels more than I, hahaha.

Q: For those unfamiliar, can you explain “ratfink”-style art? What inspires your work?

A: My work is greatly inspired by lowbrow art, bright saturated colors, psychedelic, 80s & 90s cartoons, punk rock, horror, toy culture and of course the work of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, the creator of Rat Fink character: a crazy rat monster with popping eyes.

A cartoon zombie skateboarding
Gabo's collaboration with Riclo toys

Q: I noticed that besides the illustrations you do, you also design action figures. How did you get into that and what is that process like? Are you producing them as well or do you send a design out to get molded?

A: I started collecting fascinate with toys at first and I think my illustrations naturally where asking to get a 3D version and become a real toy. Process start with sketches & ideas, I try to mix and match to make something fun, if I’m happy with that I go ahead and draw the different views of the character to get a more clear grasp of the dimensions. Then I 3D sculpt the piece on Zbrush or Nomad sculpt. 3D Print the piece, polish and finally assemble and paint. I tried to be involve from concept to production whenever I can.

Q: Your work includes everything from designing action figures, to coloring books, to clothing, to event posters. Between all the various mediums you work with and projects you’ve taken on, which one is your favorite to work with?

I enjoy every single one, but the one that really warms my heart is toy making, see final 3D product in the flesh on my hands is the best.

Q: The concept of our Project X Series is merging traditional art with the art of making beer and creating a harmony between the senses. Why do you think that is important and what makes it work so well?

A: Art talks to you and gives you an expectation with the colors, the outside elements to top it with a handcrafted beer later is a killer marriage for the senses for sure.

Q: How does it feel to have your art on the side of a beer can? Have you done projects like this before?

A: I am a beer lover so it is a win win, yes I have make some artwork for cans in the past is always fun.

Q: What’s your favorite local beer?

A: Tuff decision here is my top 3: Andes Brewing, Cerveceria Quiteña, Bandido Brewing.

Q: What are some exciting projects you are working on that you want folks to know about?

A: I am gonna be launching my very first plush doll toy on september 08, called B-va Fink this one is huge stands 17 inches. Always trying to achieve something new, so lets see where art take us.


Make sure to follow Gabo Zeta on Instagram for more updates and to follow his work.

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