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New Look Cans: We're Adding Some Pizazz to Several of Our Year-Round Brews

We're beyond excited to reveal a new look for some of our core brands this summer! The transformation begins with our flagship product, Cali Creamin’ Vanilla Cream Ale alongside its orange-flavored sibling, Cali Creamin’ Creamsicle.

The “refresh”, as Marketing Director, Kamron Khannakhjavani is calling it, was well thought out and is the product of 6 months of collaboration:

“We had a couple objectives when designing the next gen of cans: First, although it would be tempting to scrap everything and start over, we knew we had built a certain amount of brand equity we weren’t willing to just walk away from, especially in the Cali Creamin’ Family. We felt that with iconic imagery like the VW bus, we needed to pull in legacy elements that folks could recognize, while also introducing some fresh ideas. The second important consideration, was how the new cans would fit within the rest of our core lineup, especially since we had just designed three new cans somewhat recently. As it turns out that design template would pave the way for the new can design – particularly in the Cali Family.”

In terms of timing, we began shipping new Cali and Creamsicle cans in July and August, with other core brands like Boo Koo IPA and Milk Truck Latte Stout cycling later this year. Don't worry though... the recipes won’t change so you should expect the same consistent, quality products you’ve become accustomed to from us. In other words...


Keep your eyes peeled for these beauties and inventory moves through retailers and tell us what you think on socials with #motherearthrefresh

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