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Beer Release: Hop Monster HIPA

This month, we're rolling out the latest in our rotating Hazy IPA series and it’s a monster…Hop Monster, that is.

Following its series fore-bearers, Hop Monster leans into its bitterness quite a bit more than the typical New England style of hazies typically found on the shelf – clocking in at 60 IBUs and loaded with Rakau, Nelson, and Citra Hops.

A can of beer sitting next to a glass of beer

“We’ve been having a lot of fun with these Southern Hemisphere varietals lately. The sweet/tropical/stone fruit characteristics really lend themselves well to the style. The increased bitterness also helps to balance that perceived sweetness. We typically don’t use lactose in our hazy beers, which is often done to assist with haze stability and to increase body, but we’ve found that we can achieve those qualities through brewing methods rather than loading the beer with adjuncts. The result is a medium to full bodied beer with tons of hop aroma and flavor but without the cloying sweetness.”

-Chris Baker – Director of Brewing Operations, Mother Earth Brew Co.

As for the other half of the collaborative project – the label art – Mother Earth enlisted Ecuadorean artist, Gabo Zeta, to illustrate the can and the results are wild. Gabo’s “lowbrow” art is defined by its bright saturated colors, psychedelia, 80s & 90s cartoons, punk rock, horror and toy culture and is inspired by the work of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, the creator of Rat Fink. Check out more of Gabo's work on his Insta.

Hop Monster HIPA is available now on draft and rolling out in 16oz cans throughout August and September. Check out our Beer Finder.

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