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Artist Wanted: Submit Your Art for Project X Series 2024

Every year we map out the labels in our Project X Series for the following calendar year, which features stunning works from artists all around the world. Usually selections are made by the Mother Earth team independently, engaging directly with the artists rather than crowd-sourcing. In preparation for our 2024 lineup, we've decided to mix things up and leave a couple spots open for selection by contest! Want to see your art on the side of a can? Send us your best work by emailing us or DM us on socials. Submit by midnight on Sunday the 27th to be considered. Winners will be announced on Wednesday the 30th at Noon pacific. IMPORTANT TERMS AND RULES BELOW 👇

  • So sorry, but we simply can't get back to everyone who contacts us with a yay or nay. If you aren't selected, you will not receive a response.

  • Mother Earth will donate the art fee to the charity of your choice if you are selected.

  • You will continue to own the rights to your art outside of this project. By submitting your art, you are authorizing us to use it in digital assets, and in print, for the purposes of promoting the beer.

  • We reserve the right to modify artwork as needed to fit our labels or to accommodate mandatory logos and text elements. Changes will be kept minimal in order to preserve the original piece.

For examples of past can designs and how your art will be used, visit the Project X page of our website. GOOD LUCK!

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27 mai

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As someone who recently completed my PhD thesis in marketing, I understand the importance of creativity and innovation in capturing audience attention. I'm thrilled to submit my artwork for Project X Series 2024, where I can blend my academic expertise with my passion for visual storytelling. Can't wait to see the vibrant tapestry of talents this project will unveil.


What an exciting opportunity! I love that Mother Earth is involving the community in the selection process for their Project X Series. Looking forward to seeing the creativity that comes out of this snake game contest.

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