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NITRO Cali Creamin' Is Here, Proving That There Really Is No Such Thing As Too Much of a Good Thing.

SINCE ITS INTRODUCTION IN 2010, Cali Creamin' Vanilla Cream Ale has proved itself to be worthy of many iterations and reimaginings. From horchata-flavored casks at our tasting rooms, to fruited versions like peaches & cream and our uber-successful Creamsicle flavor that eventually made its way into cans. It's certainly proven over time that it holds up well to many types of manipulation, both nuanced and brash. In fact few customer requests have been more persistent and consistent than that of more Cali Creamin' options. For over a decade, it's made history and established itself as a household brand. Now, Cali “NITRO”, our newest innovation, delivers what was once only a specialty product on draft to an ever-expanding market of craft beer drinkers.

Why now? We've been hearing about it with regularity for years and much to our (and our customers') chagrin, it just wasn't something that was logistically simple to execute. Nitrogenating a beer intended for kegs is one thing, but putting it into a can is another animal altogether. Fortunately our tenacity is matched only by our commitment to quality, and after months, nay, years of testing and fine-tuning, we managed to replicate the draft experience that fans of the beer had come to expect - now in a can.

"I guess you could say it’s been a long time coming. NITRO Cali has been, far & away, the most requested product from customers and accounts alike, and it’s finally here. Cali is known for being a smooth approachable ale and the NITRO version is even more so in some ways. The tiny bubbles give it a milkshake impression, without the sweetness. Just like the original, it’s affectionately referred to as ‘cream soda for adults’, and for good reason.”

-Daniel Love – Owner & President, Mother Earth Brew Co.

While it may feel like a long time coming it's also a refreshing and positive bookend to what's been undeniably a terrible year. Ironically though, the shift from draft to can-centric packaging as a product of Covid-19 is part of what helped to accelerate the R&D process, and ultimately get it into market before the holidays. Like other familiar NITRO options in the marketplace, our newest innovation uses a mix of nitrogen and CO2, although the dosing technique varies slightly from you might be used to seeing in a widget-type can. Drinking a beer shouldn't have to be as complicated as the process used to create it, however, which is why we've created a simple video and infographic to make sure that you are getting the most out of your can.

Want more info, including a brief history of NITRO beer? Visit our /nitro page.

NITRO Cali Creamin’ is widely available at retailers in all markets where we distribute in 16oz 4-packs. Check out our interactive beer finder to locate it nearest you. Just enter your ZIP and you are off to the races.


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