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Hops? Check. Hops? Check. This is one 'Big Mother'. Here is How You Can Get It.

Click here to download the official Press Release. Read on for our blog post.


Quarantine does have a few advantages. The list is short, truthfully, but it exists nonetheless. One of those is the quiet, yet meaningful reflection of a major milestone such as an anniversary. For any business 10 years would be an accomplishment, particularly in the beer industry, where constant innovation, rapid growth and an ever-changing competitive landscape are all realities on any given day. 2020 is especially significant, however, as marked by the decennial release of a fan favorite, "Big Mo" - as it's affectionately called by its imbibers.

Brewed since the brewery's inception, Big Mother is a beast of a beer.

It's 125+ IBU hop profile pays respects to the dry, bitter, resinous IPAs of yesteryear, while sticking with the brewery's commitment to changing with the times to keep up with its fruitier, lower-octane, stylistic counterparts. The tasting notes on the can's face tell the story: Roses, blueberries, and pineapple are in focus here, with a malt backbone substantial enough to support the assault of hops on the palate. Don't just take 'Mom's' word for it though, Big Mother is a critically acclaimed, award winner.

So where can you get your hands on these limited release 4-packs? Grab them at a retailer near you using our Store Finder and search by location or shop online for local pickup or shipping to 46 states.

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