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Curl Up on the Couch with Our Latest Cocktail-Inspired 4Seasons Old Fashioned Ale

Ah what would fall be without comfort food, a good cigar, and a good strong drink? Well in the spirit of welcoming the Autumn equinox and all that comes with it, we put an intoxicating spin on a classic cocktail – the Old Fashioned. Using a 12.5% Barrel Aged Old Ale as its base, our brewers carefully blended Maraschino cherry syrup, Navel orange zest, and authentic Aromatic bitters. The concoction yields a complex, boozy beverage that is as good quaffed as it is garnished.

“During the initial barrel blend and sampling it was clear we had something special. In fact the beer alone had so many likenesses to the cocktail, it didn’t even take all that much imagination. It was really about accentuating qualities that were already there. Of course, achieving balance in the sum of its parts is another challenge entirely, but we feel like we nailed it.”

-Christopher Baker - Director of Brewing Operations, Mother Earth Brew Co.

In terms of the beer, expect a thick, mahogany body with complex caramel, vanilla, and herbal qualities. Allow to warm slightly for best results. Though we generally aren't a brewery known for gimmicks and off-the-wall serving practices, we certainly won’t blame you if you drop an orange peel or cherry on top.

4Seasons Autumn is available in 16oz cans and on draft where independent craft beers are sold or at the Mother Earth tasting room in Nampa, ID. Customers may also use our interactive beer finder at Click for more info on the 4Seasons series.

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Elliot McDonell
Elliot McDonell
27. Sept. 2021

Looks so good!

Gefällt mir
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