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Abstract Consciousness HIPA is Here and it's Like Getting Smacked in the Face with a Bowl of Candy

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

A can of beer on a trippy background.

ARE YOU READY TO EXPAND YOUR MIND, MAN? We're bringing back famed beer label artist, Heidi Geist, or simply Geist as she is now known. Formerly of notorious traveling art endeavor known as the 48 Beer Project, Geist’s second piece in our similarly-themed series of Hazy IPA releases is familiar yet fresh, kind of like the beer itself, as described by Director of Brewing Operations, Chris Baker:

“A massive bowl of fruit candy is at the forefront of the first sniff, with four intensely-tropical hop varietals dancing off the rim of the glass, featuring aromas of melon, passionfruit, and fresh berries. The grain bill consists of mostly base malt with oats and dextrine providing a stout body that still drinks light. Expect a juicy mouthfeel thanks to the world famous “juice” yeast strain.”

If the beer description sounds impressive, it shouldn’t come as a surprise given the hop bill our brewers are boasting - Galaxy, Strata, Simcoe, and Sabro are all highlighted at first sniff, and tickle the senses all the way through the back of the palate. It’s an impressive way to round out one of the final two Hazy releases for 2021.

A can and a glass of beer sitting next to each other on a patio


For the past 12 years, artist Heidi Geist has evolved her work in the Portland Maine area, experimenting with a variety of mediums, including years of blacklight responsive art, having started primarily with set design and backdrops.

"Oddly enough, it is my own abstract subconscious that “inspires” the art that I produce. I find the nature of deliberate creating can be forceful, and confining. Parameters limit creativity and I’m just not naturally equipped to overcome that. So, I suppose, it is when I let go and just let my hand become fluid with the media that I am truly able to make art. The art for Abstract Consciousness is very much stream of conscious! I alternate a bit between detailed pen and ink drawing and larger-scale mixed media painting, typically using inks, powdered metals and acrylic, sometimes with layers of plexiglass. The process for me is challenging, like starting a new book… I read, reread, and reread the first paragraph over and over before it finally sinks into my brain. With starting a new art work, I have to just put color or lines down and let the piece take shape. Though I have designed countless beer labels and commissioned works to the preferences and creative needs of clients, I struggle a LOT with too much direction or, again, conscious thought. I have to allow myself to drift away from focus and trust what happens."


Abstract Consciousness is available in 16oz cans and on draft where independent craft beers are sold or at our tasting room in Nampa, ID. Customers may also use our interactive beer finder. Follow Geist on Instagram to check out more of her work.

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