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Beer Release: We Collaborated with Revision Brewing for our Latest 4Seasons IPA

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

SINCE 2014, OUR 4SEASONS PROGRAM HAS BOASTED some of our most coveted concoctions. Although typically barrel-aged, some of the brews in the quarterly series deviate from the big, syrupy stout variety in favor of carefully chosen, more session-friendly collaboration brews. Having taken a collab hiatus for a couple summer seasons due to the pandemic, ‘Summer’ is back in a big way with a heavy-hitting friendship IPA brewed with Sparks, Nevada-based, Revision Brewing.

The West-Coast IPA is right on brand for both breweries, whos names have both become synonymous with the resurging style, having been producing some of craft beer’s hoppiest brews over a combined two decades of brewing. Our Co-founder and President, Daniel Love, says that talks of a collab between he and Jeremy Warren (CEO and Head Brewer of Revision Brewing) began much earlier, but were delayed due to the pandemic:

“Jeremy and I actually met when he was heading up the brewing operation at Knee Deep. Since then there were loose talks about doing a beer together but Covid pretty much squashed that because no one was traveling. We both decided that a clean IPA was the way to go since we both brew a number of hazies already and we wanted to showcase the hops and bring back more of the West Coast-style.”

4Seasons Summer rolls out this month in almost all of our major markets in 16oz 4-packs, and on draft. Find it using our interactive Beer Finder or at our Idaho tap rooms when it drops this Friday. Additional event details can be found on our Nampa and Boise tap room Facebook Events pages.


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