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Beer Release: We're Welcoming a New Year-round NITRO Beer to the Mother Earth Family.

OUR LATEST CAN RELEASE SHOULD BE NO SURPRISE to fans of the darker side of our beer portfolio. It's the second core offering of the year this month (behind Heavy Cloud Hazy IPA), this time in a NITRO version of our signature dark ale - Milk Truck.

Our popular Latte Stout launched initially as a CO2 version last year but is getting a plus up with addition of a Nitrogen version in cans and on draft. Like our beloved NITRO Cali Creamin’, Milk Truck is an additional 16oz option that stands next to its cream ale cousin with updated packaging to match.

“Milk Truck has been a really well received addition to our core lineup and fans have been begging for a NITRO version since the day it hit shelves so we are thrilled to be able to put something out there that is qualitative and that complements our other beers, but also further expands our NITRO lineup.”

-Kamron Khannakhjavani – Director of Marketing, Mother Earth Brew Co.

As to be expected from any good NITRO brew, Milk Truck is exceptionally smooth & creamy and will remind you of your favorite coffee house sipper, but with an adult beverage kick. Vanilla, coffee, lactose, and oats all meld together with Nitrogen’s characteristic tiny bubbles to form a beer that is balanced AND fun to drink, thanks to our widget-free packaging that requires a little shake to activate the Nitrogen.

NITRO Milk Truck rolls out this month in 16oz cans and on draft wherever Independent Craft beers are sold. Find it near you using our interactive Beer Finder.

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