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Beer Release: 'Higher Learning' Has Us Exercising Our Scholastic Aptitude

A beer and a beer can positioned next to an upside down stack of books

Our rotating Project X Series is turning the beer world upside down – literally. Our newest HIPA features the heady, surrealistic stylings of Spanish artist, Senky, depicting an inverted mountain of books in a desolate landscape.

"I use collage and photo manipulation as the main forms of expression of concepts and ideas. My works are characterized by surrealism and optical effects, generally. I like to create atmospheres based on mystical and contemplative concepts, accompanied by nature and peace, I represent these things in fanciful and magical ways."



Mother Earth’s Director of Brewing Ops, Chris Baker, says the beer itself was inspired by the art: 

When designing a beer there is no doubt that the label art comes into play. You can’t have a gorgeous label followed by a lackluster beer inside. One must fit the other, so as brewers we are tasked with creating something that stands up to what’s on the label. There’s absolutely an expectation that the sensory experience is consistent.” 
Three beer cans positioned next to an upside down stack of books

Fortunately, consistency is one of our hallmarks and Higher Learning is no exception. We're able to highlight the featured hops by using what's become our signature malt profile, 

allowing Sabro, Galaxy, and Nelson Sauvin to impress. Aroma and flavor profiles of coconut, peach, passionfruit, mango and a touch of dankness, combined with a soft wheat-driven 

mouthfeel create an exceptionally smooth finish. As opposed to our year-round HIPA, Heavy Cloud, which is a lighter, citrusy affair, Higher Learning has a fuller mouthfeel with a more robust mid-palate and a richer overall expression. 

A beer next to a 4 pack of beers with a dark background and bourbon barrels

Higher Learning is available now on draft and in 16oz cans. Search our Beer Finder or pick it up at one of our Tap Rooms.

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It's clear that Mother Earth Brewing takes great care to ensure that the quality of their beer matches the excellence of their label art. geometry dash


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