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Beer Release: Metamorphosis HIPA Shines with a Trio of Dank Hops.

We're adding another stellar release to our lineup of rotating Hazy IPAs. The latest Project X Series brew follows the series’ trend of keeping the malt bill somewhat minimal and instead focusing on hop combinations to achieve complex flavors and aroma. The most recent example being Metamorphosis, which pairs a celebrity hop trio of Citra, Mosaic, and Strata. 

Having erred toward the sweet fruit and coconut flavors of our last Project X Series release, our brewers decided to swing the pendulum, calling for more traditional IPA flavors with Metamorphosis. Mosaic and Citra hops leave passionfruit and strawberries on the nose, while Strata punches up with flavors of dank marijuana and citrus. A heavy wheat addition and dextrin malt add a hefty body for support. The smooth finish of Metamorphosis masks a respectable 50 IBUs in a style typically known for bittering units in the teens, something our brew crew is quite proud of. 

“There was a time where clean IPAs and NEIPAs were divergent styles, but I think as west-coast brewers started pushing the bitterness envelope, as we tend to do, we’ve reached a nice balance where there is something enjoyable for every kind of hophead.” 

-Chris Baker – Director of Brewing Operations, Mother Earth Brew Co. 

The beer itself is only half the experience, though, with collaborative label artwork adorning the cover from the creative mind of Spanish artist Jose "Javi" Morilla, or as the Instagram world knows him, @livinginplanetmars. Jose’s spacey, digital stylings don’t just allude to what can be found inside the can; they set the table. Each of Javi's pieces is "a stunning blend of fantasy and reality, transporting viewers to an alternative universe and mind-bending dimensions."

Metamorphosis is available beginning this month on draft and in 16oz cans. Search our Beer Finder or pick it up at one of our Tap Rooms.

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Colby Adkins
Colby Adkins
6 days ago

Strata has a powerful flavor profile of dank marijuana and citrus, while Mosaic and Citra hops leave a scent of passionfruit and strawberries. Dordle

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