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Beer Release: 'Fresh as it Gets' IPA w/ Strata Hops

It's that time of year again...our favorite time of year actually. It's harvest time baby! In case you weren't aware, a fresh hop beer is simply a beer that is brewed with freshly picked hop flowers as opposed to dried or processed flowers. They're both great, but there is something extra special about the fresh variety. They provide a really delicate, yet intense aroma that many believe to be unmatched by processed hops. The downside? They are expensive, only available for one month out of the year, and they have virtually a 24 hr shelf-life, if that. What that means is that they need to be sent straight to the brewery from the farm, typically via overnight service. If your'e lucky enough to have a brewery near one of these farms (like us) you are stoked.

This year Strata takes center stage. Our “Farm-to-kettle” brew features freshly harvested hop flowers driven straight from the field to the brewery. Totaling over 10 lbs. per barrel, we layer in late additions from the whirlpool through fermentation, to extract as much hop oil as possible. Strata is well known for its distinct rich ripe strawberries, juicy passion fruit, and citrus flavor profile. Appropriately, the malts take a backseat and allow the star of the show to shine.

Fresh as it Gets is available on draft and in 16oz 4-packs. Our Beer Finder will be updated over the coming weeks. Meanwhile, look for it at your favorite bottle shop!

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