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We're Bringing Free Flowin' Goodness to New York, Baby!

WE ARE EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE ANOTHER ADDITION to our already extensive distribution network, teaming up with craft-centric New York wholesalers, Iron Horse Beverage.

The Empire State marks the fifth Northeastern state in our network, and the eighth East of the Mississippi. Our Executive Vice President, Kevin Hopkins has been working with Iron Horse for several months on this strategic partnership:

“We first started introducing our beers to the eastern seaboard four years ago. Now, with the addition of New York State, we’ve met our customers’ demands and can satisfy their thirst throughout the five boroughs. Who couldn’t be excited to know that Mother Earth is now available in Manhattan, on Staten Island, and in Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens and beyond! It’s a great day for us and for all of our fans, and we couldn’t be prouder to be here!”

Iron Horse has already begun distribution of kegs and cans and to retailers. Coverage will include the entire state, with a focus on the 14 southern counties. Customers in New York will be able to use our interactive Beer Finder to locate Mother Earth beers near them beginning mid-March.

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