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Project X Is Back and We Just Released A Gorgeous New HIPA

IN CASE YOU HAVE BEEN LIVING UNDER A ROCK FOR THE LAST YEAR, our beer program got really interesting toward the end of last year when we announced the addition of an intriguing new Series called Project X, which uses artist and brewer collaboration to create stunning works of art inside and outside of the can.

Our newest in the series is Alone In Space: A Hazy Oatmeal IPA and showcases four different tropical hops. It’s featured hop, Sabro, shines with a robust bouquet of tangerine, coconut, tropical and stone fruit, and hints of cedar. To support its hoppy character, a simple grain bill consisting mainly of oats is used to add a creamy body and limit malt influence.

“What’s really exciting about this series is coming up with ways to nuance flavors and aromas through subtle recipe changes. The large percentage of oats used in this beer, for example, gives the beer a really fine & soft hazy quality that plays off of the hops beautifully.”

Chris Baker - Director of Brewing Operations, Mother Earth

The beauty of Alone In Space isn’t just restricted to the liquid though. We selected a dramatic artistic landscape as a frame, with a gripping illustration done by Idaho-native Gail Richards.

Distribution begins this week in 16oz, 4-pack cans. You can use our beer finder to grab it at select craft beer retailers near you. Don't see any results near you? Check back often as the beer rolls out into August.

Download the official press release below or click here for more info on Alone In Space and the Project X Series.

Mother Earth Alone In Space Announcement
Download • 98KB


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