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New Beer Alert! Flawless Imperfection Proves That Beauty is in the Eye of the Be(er)holder.

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

A LOT OF THE COUNTRY IS UNDER SNOW AND ICE RIGHT NOW. Apparently our brewers didn't get the message though, because despite our Nampa brewery being a balmy 27 degrees with 10 inches of snow on then ground, it didn't stop our production guys and gals from packaging a couple hundred barrels of a new Project X beer that will transport you from the frozen tundra to the sunny beaches of Cancun. Sure, such a teleportation would be strictly imaginative, but perception is reality right?

Though the artwork skinned over the aluminum can may not scream "tropical vacation" (although we can't be the only ones loving the 80s Miami Vice vibe can we?), rest assured the liquid underneath certainly does.


Flawless Imperfection drinks like a glass of tropical fruit juice with a weighty body, and slight wheaty malt tang. Undoubtedly though, the hops are the star of the show, featuring Sabro, Citra, and Simcoe. The Sabro and Citra really take center stage, with orange blossom, tangerine, and apricot exploding out of the glass upon approach, followed by a secondary layer of passionfruit. Subtle hints of mint and cream arrive mid-palate, and the finish is clean.

"We couldn’t be happier with how this brew turned out all-around. It’s all there – Huge aroma, balanced drinkability, persistent haze without being chalky, and just the right amount of sweetness for the New England style. It also helps when you find just the right combination of hops. It can lead to extraordinary results. This is one of those times.”

-Christopher Baker – Director of Brewing Operations, Mother Earth Brew Co.


The art adorning the cover of the 16oz cans is as impressive as the liquid held within, exquisitely painted by NYC-based artist Zofia Bogusz: The glowing close-up of a female’s eye, carried out with elegance and attention to detail. It’s quite something to behold while sipping on a brew done with equal mastery. Of course, before you taste what’s inside you have to see what’s exposed. With a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, Zofia Bogusz employs multiple mediums including graphite on paper, oil on canvas, oil on wood, oil and acrylic on wood, and recently watercolor. Each image shared either on her social media or her website, is inspiring and inspired. In fact, Zofia’s “Nimra”, as it was originally called, an oil on wood panel piece, won us over and is featured as the label for our latest Project X series beer. In her own words she shared her background with us:

Polish born, NYC raised, Zofia has always worked with art as a means of expression. She exhibits her paintings in galleries, enjoys teaching art to children and is currently learning how to translate her imagery onto skin (tattooing).

We asked Zofia to tell us a bit more about how the concept came to be:

Q: Where did the inspiration for Nimra come from? What typically inspires your work? A: It was a sunny late September afternoon. Golden hour was gleaming through the window illuminating the room with that warm nostalgic yellow. My friend’s face got caught in the sun rays, her hazel eyes trapping the amber light. The iris, skin and eye lashes became sharp with detail and surrounded by shadows and highlights. Still staring I grabbed my phone and started taking photos, and that’s how the reference and inspiration for Flawless Imperfection came about. Since I do a lot of portraiture it’s often these spontaneous moments in time and light that inspire the subject matter of my work. Photographs of altered faces, or just certain facial features, combined with bright colors and specific moods are the backbone of my most recent body of work. I like the mixture of realism and abstraction. Nature sometimes makes its way into my work as well.

Q: What does your design process look like?

A: I design my paintings in Photoshop and/or Procreate. It’s a collage of photographs, organic shapes and marks. Once I’m happy with the design I paint the image with oil paint on a sealed wood panel. I prefer long painting sessions over short ones. I feel like you can get really lost in the meditative process of painting while simultaneously getting a lot of area completed. Painting into the very late and quiet New York City night is the best. It’s so peaceful. I always have music on too. It helps with the flow of productivity.

Q: What type of media are you typically working with and was this piece any different?

A: I mostly work with oil paint. It’s my favorite type of paint. I love it for its rich colors and creamy-like blending quality. The vast majority of my work is done in this medium, such as Flawless. I love pencil drawing too, like fully rendered drawings, and recently I began learning the art of tattooing.

Q: Did you encounter any challenges while creating Nimra?

A: Painting Flawless went smoother than I anticipated, both in terms of inspiration and physical execution. I just wanted to create a bold and enticing image.

Q: Have you ever worked on a project similar to this?

A: No this is my first project of this kind. I love that I have my work on beer! I’m looking forward to consuming this delicious collaboration :) Cheers.

Flawless Imperfection is available in 16oz cans and limited draft where independent craft beers are sold. Customers can search for it near them using our beer finder. Can't get in in store? We are direct shipping to CA, AK, and DC. Outside those states? Shop at Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter for future updates.

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This is the best beer I ever had. And I have been drinking beer for way too many years. Decades! The art on the can and the beautiful name make it even better, if at all possible. Fantastic beer, fantastic job from this brewery and the artist.

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