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So Long Vista Tap House!

Since opening the Tap House nearly 8 years ago it has been a wonderful time here in Downtown Historic Vista. But as the saying goes... "All Good Things".

We Didn't Want to Say Goodbye!

So as hard as it is to say goodbye to our beloved location, the lease ran out so we're moving!

That means that as of April 13th, we are no longer selling food, beer and wine at the Main St. Tap House. The search begins for our next spot. Stay tuned for more info.

The Silver Lining!

So how do you get delicious beer in Vista to cure your quarantine woes? We will be reopening for to-go beer out of our production facility beginning 4/21. Keep an eye here and on our social media feeds for updates as we plan and prepare for our new location, as well as for ways for you to still get your favorite beers from us while we set up the new digs.

-Love, Mom

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