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Beer Release: We're Expanding the Cali Family with Peaches & Cream and a Combo Pack

OUR SIGNATURE LINE OF CREAM ALES IS GETTING ITS THIRD FLAVOR VARIETAL THIS WEEK following the wild success of our original flagship ale Cali Creamin’, and its orange Creamsicle counterpart, Cali Creamin’ Creamsicle.

Our newest option follows the trend of Calis-of-the-past by incorporating nostalgic flavors into a proven formula.

“Customer input and R&D have always been the key to the success of these beers, and Peaches & Cream is no different. After years of collecting feedback, and an exhaustive pursuit of the right peach/vanilla/cream ratio, we finally landed on a product that is going to please old school fans of the original Cali but also bring in those looking for something fresh and exciting.”

-Daniel Love – President, Mother Earth Brew Co.

A can of beer sitting on a table surrounded by peaches
Photo by @coldonejoe

Cali Creamin’ Peaches & Cream will launch part of, and along-side, a compelling 12-pack variety case known as the “Cali Combo Pack”, which features the trio of Cali flavors in a convenient 12oz mixed-pack.

The exclusivity means customers will need to seek out the Combo Pack in order to get their hands on Peaches & Cream in cans or find it on draft near you.

Use our Beer Finder to locate Cali Combo packs, or Peaches & Cream on draft, as both formats roll out to distro throughout Feb and March. Peaches will also be available at our Idaho tap rooms beginning 2/24.

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