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Giving Tuesday - Rock a pair of Custom Mother Earth VANS for Charity

THERE'S A HOLIDAY THAT HAS HISTORICALLY GONE SOMEWHAT UNNOTICED during the holidays until the last few years. It is often the victim of a Black Friday and Cyber Monday hangover, neglected as a result of holiday shopping overload - Giving Tuesday. In the era of super-consumerism and excess, Giving Tuesday is a great opportunity to reset, breathe, and do something for those in need around the holidays. To that end, we've decided to team up with well known Los Angeles-based sneaker artist, Bryan Phillips (@swellguycustoms) to create a pair of Mother Earth-branded VANS Customs and we're donating 100% of the proceeds to Feeding America.

If that's not cool enough, check this out - YOU get to fully customize them. Pick a pair of VANS in your size and choose a Mother Earth design. You get to collaborate with Swell Guy to create your dream-kicks. Trust us, they will turn heads on every corner.


"I'm Bryan Phillips, the artist and designer behind Swell Guy Customs. I've been an artist for a long time, but sneakers came into the picture just a few years ago. I like to collect things. I have many random collections including action figures, beer koozies, patches, stickers, and vinyls. I love trying new beers and going to local breweries. I love learning about and trying regional American foods. My preferred exercise is running but I don't do it as often as I should. I also love biking but I currently don't have one. I love my cat Rigby aka Rigbybot 3000 aka Danny Devito. He's got a metal plate in his hip and he loves to cuddle. I recently got back into wrestling and have been watching WWE and AEW during the pandemic. The thing I miss the most during this pandemic is going to the movie theater and music festivals with friends. That's enough about me. I hope you enjoy my art and stick around."

A colorful shoe
Images are for sample purposes. You have the chance to choose your own shoe and design!


  • Bidding is open now on a 7-day auction

  • The opening bid is set to $100

  • Please allow up to 6 weeks for actual decoration and delivery

  • 100% of net proceeds go directly to Feeding America through Ebay. No money passes through to Mother Earth

  • The winner will be contacted within 48 hrs of auction-end with instructions

IMPORTANT: Auction is being held on Mother Earth Owner's personal account because Ebay made it ridiculously challenging to set up a business account for this. Thanks Ebay. Rest assured, the money goes straight to Feeding America through the Ebay charity donation system.

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