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Beer Release: 'Synaptic Plasticity' Hazy IPA Has Something for Every Type of Hop Head

THE SUMMER SEASON IS SLOWING BUT WE SURE AREN'T! We are continuing our every-60-day release schedule of Hazy IPAs with a new Simcoe and Mosaic hopped brew that’s a tongue twister both inside and out and impresses visually with the fluid creations of the artist known as pxEYES – an LA based visual and 3D artist known for his work with musicians like Steve Aoki, Zed’s Dead, and others.

Synaptic Plasticity (Pronounced /səˈnaptik/ /plaˈstisədē/), in contrast to several of this year’s previous “Project X Series” releases, leans more toward the West-coast style of Hazies, finishing drier and slightly more bitter, in addition to being more unfiltered than milky, on the sliding scale of Hazy. Make no mistake, though; what it lacks in New-England qualities, it more than make up for in its flavor and aroma.

a man splitting open a hop cone with his fingers
Oils inside hops flowers isomerize when boiled to create biterness

Our brewers went heavy-handed with Simcoe and Mosaic, a pair of classic domestic hops from the Pacific Northwest known well for their key roles in some of the categories most storied IPAs.

“We had a slew of releases this year that erred toward the New-England style, so we wanted to swing the pendulum and switch it up for the latest release. We kept the residual sweetness low and toned down the haze. The result is a beer that drinks halfway between a NE-style Hazy and a WC IPA. Call it a West Coast Hazy. It’s hop-focused enough for the Clear beer purists but lacks the lingering bitterness that Hazy IPA fans can appreciate.”

-Christopher Baker - Director of Brewing Operations, Mother Earth Brew Co.

Synaptic Plasticity is available in 16oz cans and on draft where independent craft beers are sold or at our Nampa & Boise tasting rooms beginning Friday, 8/26. Can't make it to the party? Use our interactive beer finder to locate it near you as it gets updated over the coming weeks. More info on the beer and the Project X Series here.

A woman lying on grass drinking a beer


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