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Beer Release: Our Last Project X Series brew of the year is anything but a 'Static Profile'.

CREATING VARIETY IN A SERIES THAT CHANGES BEERS EVERY 60 DAYS presents a number of challenges. The first being recipe formulation. How do you innovate when the style itself remains unchanged release-to-release? Then there is the art. We built the Project X Series on a foundation of differentiation. It gave us the flexibility to use cover art that might, under normal circumstances, be too avant-garde for your average grocery chain, who is typically looking for something a little more neutral than some of the art we had selected for the program back in 2019 and 2020. My, how things have changed. As soon as the retailers got wind of our plans they were, to our surprise, all in. Now, I am not saying we sold our soul to the devil. In fact quite the opposite. This time WE got to write the rules. With increased visibility comes increased pressure, though, so three years into this endeavor, it's important to make sure we are creating compelling and beautiful can art to satisfy the short attention spans of retailers and consumers alike.

Enter Static Profile. It's a breath of fresh air, visually, from the past few releases that were over-the-top colorful and psychedelic in nature. It follows a similar formula as its Project X predecessors by putting the focus on the can art and supporting it with a well balanced, yet fresh take, on the series’ style.

“Static Profile leans heavily on stone fruit flavors and aroma thanks, partially, to Rakau – A hop with solid street cred and really good performance in our trials. With support from tried-and-true varietals like Mosaic and Citra, this beer explodes up front with stone fruit: Peach, apricot, plum, and pear are really at the forefront of the flavor and aroma with tropical mango and a bit of citrus coming through as well. As with a lot of our Hazies, you aren’t going to get a murk-bomb, but rather something that falls right in between Murky and unfiltered. Balance is key.”

-Chris Baker – Director of Brewing Ops, Mother Earth Brew Co.

For the artwork, we teamed up with California painter and muralist, Micah Black. The Chico-based mixed media artist is known for his large-format paintings in urban settings as well as his exhibitions at art galleries & shows.

Static Profile will be available beginning this Friday at Mother Earth’s Idaho tasting rooms in Boise and Nampa, and will go out to distribution throughout the month of November in 16oz cans and on draft. Learn more about the Project X Series here and find it near you using our Beer Finder.

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