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6 Simple Ways to Class-Up Your New Year's With Beer

LET'S BE HONEST - SPENDING NEW YEAR'S EVE AT HOME WATCHING FORENSIC FILES RE-RUNS probably isn't the ideal scenario for most people, especially after the year we have had. Rewind back to March of this year and it's probably safe to say most of us thought we'd be celebrating the demise of an unseen enemy and ringing in the New Year. Not just in the company of others (and maskless for that matter) but doing so in style. Fortunately the latter of those is still achievable.

Sparkling wine has been the traditional celebratory libation, specifically on New Year's. If you are thinking of ditching the corks and flutes this year and going with something of the grain variety, you aren't alone. We're going to show you how to sexy-up your favorite working-class beverage into something thats worthy of toasting with at 11:59 on the final eve of 2020. So say goodnight to Champagne hangover and follow these 6 simple tips to a classy, and very sudsy New Year's Eve Celebration.


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Duh. You wouldn't be reading this is you weren't already a beer-head, or at least curious. Independent craft beers are typically produced in smaller quantities and given more care and attention when compared to their mass-market counterparts. Skip the Champagne of Beers and pick up from your favorite craft brewery. You'll be supporting family businesses and getting a fresher, higher quality product. It's New Year's. You deserve it. Can't make it to the brewery? Find our products near you using our Beer Finder.


Look, we all love our beer cans. So much so, in fact, that there is a national day dedicated to them on January 24th. Yes, thats right. Beer Can Appreciation Day, as it were. Drinking out of a glass is almost always preferred, though, and does a lot to maximize a beer's potential. You can read more about that on one of our past blog posts, in the meantime take our word for it. It's not just good for the beer, it makes it FEEL that much more special, and that's really the point here isn't it? Hell...pour it in a sparkling flute or wine glass if you have to! Take the time to treat your beer right, and she'll return the favor.


Beer cocktails have grown tremendously in popularity in recent years, partially due to the plethora of complex flavors available and partly due to a renewed interest in mixology and revival of skilled bartending. Regardless of the motive though, it's here to stay. Making a cocktail is a great way to make the night feel less-than-ordinary. Simple cocktails using beers as additives can be found all over the net, such as the classic Michelada, Beer-rita, or stupid-easy Shandy.

Looking for something more uptown? Try a stiff & fizzy IPA cocktail like our "No Diggity". Recipe here.


Wine tastings, or flights, are very common, at least in a formal setting, whereas beer presented and consumed in a similar fashion is usually re-labeled as a "bottle share". What did beer do to deserve such a demotion? Not sure, but we resent the notion nonetheless. There are a few ways you can do this. A simple flight can be set up with various beers ranging in color or flavor profile. The intent can be to just sample an assortment of flavors or if you want to make it slightly more meaningful, try printing out note cards for those who are participating and ask them to jot down notes about what they are tasting, and what their impressions are. For a truly fun experience, try doing it blind, meaning no one knows what beers they are tasting. Prizes are then available for those that choose correctly.


Piggy-backing on the previous beer tasting section, wine often gets the nod when it comes to food pairings, but beer can be just as complex and in some cases works better with food. What would you rather have with tacos? Red wine or a cold, crisp lager? Mm hmm. Lager all the way right? Give that brew a chance to shine next to a charcuterie plate; or if fine cheeses and meats are too bougie for your taste, fire up the grill and pair a flight of IPAs with different themed sliders. If you really want to show off your skills, try using beer in your cooking. You can check out our YouTube page for some ideas.


A sophisticated drinking game, of course. After all, this is supposed to be ideas on celebrating in class with a blue-collar beverage. Sounds like a perfect excuse to get turnt once the night gets sloppy!

Start with something tame and civilized like Beer Trivia or Bingo. Once your inhibitions are impaired, cap the night with some Cards Against Humanity or Never Have I Ever.

If none of those are striking your fancy, there are a ton of other ideas online. The take home message here is there are many ways to spruce up a can of brew without feeling like you've sold yourself short on the bubbly. There's no shame in the beer game, as they say. Happy New Year everyone. Cheers to leaving 2020 in the dust.


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Anna Kena
Anna Kena
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These 6 tips for classying up your New Year's Eve with beer are spot on! I particularly like the idea of doing a beer tasting flight - that would be a fun and sophisticated way to explore different craft brews. As long as you don't end up failing the rice purity test by the end of the night, it sounds like the perfect way to ring in the new year in style. Cheers!


Joan Young
Joan Young
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