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Pick Up Some Trash, Drink a Beer - We're Teaming Up with Northern Pine Brewing for Earth Day in SD.

IN CASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW, IT'S EARTH DAY ON THURSDAY THE 22ND. Being Mother Earth and all, it's kind of an automatic branded holiday, but we aren't here to celebrate the brewery. We're here to to celebrate the REAL Mother Earth. To that end, we are teaming up with our good friends at Northern Pine Brewing to help host all you do-gooders after a group beach clean up at 2pm at the Oceanside pier. Not only that, each participant will receive a free beer for their participation and the first 50 to show up will get a free Mother Earth trucker hat. Want to get involved? Here are the schedule details:

  • 1:45 Check-in (look for the Mother Earth Tent at the lower level of the pier)

  • 2:00 Start picking up trash! We'll head north toward the harbor.

  • 3:00 End clean up and head over to Northern Pine Brewing for a beer! Address is 326 N. Horne St. Oceanside CA 92054


  • Due to distancing protocol, space will be limited at the brewery so we will be limiting participation at the event. Check in early to guarantee a spot. Of course you are always able to help just to help, and Mom will appreciate it, but since brewery space is the limiting factor, and everyone loves a free beer, we may not be able to accommodate all volunteers right at 3pm.

  • Please exercise social-distancing while picking up trash. Masks are not required, but by all means if you feel more comfortable wearing one, go for it!

  • We will provide gloves, masks, and trash bags

  • Plan to have a blast and please share your photos on social! Tags to use: #earthday #earthday2021 #loveyourmother #motherearth #northernpinebrewing

For more info follow us on Twitter.

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