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Beer Release: 'Sectioned' HIPA Joins Project X Royalty

BEER AND ART HAVE MANY THINGS IN COMMON. Not just because brewing is an art-form its own, but because they share other qualities, both tangible and intangible. Both, for example, possess elements that appeal to a wide range of audiences. Conventional art forms' value is in the eye of the beholder. What's "good" is interpretive and that is for the most part universally accepted. Though beer's measure of value or quality is also highly subjective, clear signs of something "bad" are much clearer. More importantly what makes both so approachable is that they can both be enjoyed without any professional explanation at face value, or conversely explored in detail by their creators. The possibilities are endless. There is no doubt the range of nuances to be enjoyed is vast.

Just over a year has gone by since our Project X Series launched and in that year we've seen a broad range of artistic styles: from the psychedelic street art of the series opener 'Groove Rider' by well known beer label artist Heidi Geist, to the dramatic and emotional work of David Blake's 'Aphrodite Rising'. Using photography is a less obvious choice for a beer label, although not out of the question. It does take a little more vision to find something that will have enough distinctiveness to stand out in a series named for its commitment to the arts. Chantal deFelice's photography wasn't initially planned as the next segue into Project X. It was her illustrations that drew us in; bizarre interpretations of macro and micro landscapes.

"I'm an autodidact with a penchant for science, literature, history and travel. I manipulate material gathered from these sources of learning into tangible or experiential art: alternating between performing live video projections, composing audio soundscapes, and creating paintings on wood or ink drawings on paper. Themes such as metamorphosis, deep time & space, architectural decay and watery growth loop through the various media, connecting them in an overall study of life."

-Chantal deFelice

After spending some time exploring her work, we stumbled on some archived photos she had taken through a magnifying glass and a microscope. There were dozens and dozens of awe-inspiring photos of everything from fungus to sea life, the latter of which sparked our interest. The angles and perspectives she captured were fascinating and were worlds apart from anything that was used previously in the series.

Naming the beer is a process that is typically fluid once we spend some time with the art, but with Sectioned it was the subject of the photo that made it easy this time around: a discarded crab carapace (shell) that was sliced and photographed through a magnifying glass, exposing the intricate and delicate setae (hairs) within.


The art is only half of the story though, after all, we led you to water (of sorts). Now it's time to drink. All four of the hops used in this beer were hand-selected after rigorous trials to identify the best combination of citrus fruit, and pine to take center-stage. Like others in the Project X Series, low bitterness, a malt bill consisting of exclusively base malt, wheat, and oats, and finally the addition of lactose, further softens its mouthfeel and finish.

Sectioned will be rolling out through late September and October and can be found anywhere independent craft products are sold. To search near you, use our nifty beer finder.


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John white
John white
Apr 27, 2021

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