Mother Earth Brew Co. was born of the passion and vision of two baby boomers and a millennial. It started in a garage in San Diego County in 2008, while the craft brewing culture was ramping up, and by 2010, a homebrew hobby became a family business in which husbands, wives, sons, daughters, nieces, nephews and cousins collected their talents and worked to establish a brand of high quality, great tasting ales that brought locals to the watering hole (aka tasting room).

Word spread and the seed sprouted into a fast growing young tree.  By 2012, employees joined the family, distribution had begun and Mother Earth added a second Tap House in old downtown Vista.  Great beer and a great atmosphere brought the dormant area back to life.

Soon Mother Earth’s bottles and cans were all over San Diego.   Demand for core and seasonal brews soared.  The brew system had to be replaced several times to increase capacity, and the dream expanded to include distribution to all of California and way beyond.

In 2016 Mother Earth opened an additional production facility and tasting room in Nampa, Idaho, just outside Boise.  In time, the new “All-American” made brew house will turn out 100,000 more barrels of the finest, tastiest beers on the planet to add to the original Vista brewery’s output.  More craft beer fans will be able to enjoy it across the west, as well as the east and beyond.  The American Dream is alive.

We are still a family-owned business, proud of our accomplishments, but humbled by the customers, local and beyond, who have made our growth possible. To them we owe a debt of gratitude.

We will always be passionate about creating independent craft beer that begs another.  We love our Mother Earth and we hope that you do too!


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